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and we’ll explain your rights and options.

or call 208-345-3760 or
503-616-5007 and we’ll explain
your rights and options.

You are not alone. Many victims of abuse take years to talk about what happened to them, worry about bringing a claim, and wonder if they’re entitled to damages. We can help. We’ll give you the answers you need to move forward.

The sexual abuse and exploitation of a minor is a deeply traumatic event. In the past 20 years, criminal and civil laws have changed to reflect the unique nature of childhood sexual abuse. Many states now have laws that allow adult survivors of child sex abuse to come forward in the criminal and civil courts to seek justice from their abusers — and the institutions that protected them. 

We understand that each sexual abuse case is different. Each person requires personal attention. We empower those who suffered abuse and exploitation to reclaim their lives through counseling, seeking justice in the courts, and advocating for others. We pledge to be with you every step of the way.

You Have a Team

Our legal team has broad legal experience bringing —and winning— cases against institutions of trust. This includes cases against the Boy Scouts of America, Mormon Church, Catholic Church, Jesuits, private schools, and other youth-serving organizations. Among us, we have handled over 100 claims against the Boy Scouts of America and Its local Councils across the country. MEET OUR TEAM

Boy Scouts Confront Bankruptcy

Facing sex abuse lawsuits and drop in membership, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they plan to file for bankruptcy protections in federal court. MORE

Things to Know

  1. You were not the only one. Child molesters are predators. They never have only one victim. Even if your abuser made you feel as though you were the only one, we know that historically child molesters are prolific and tend to abuse many, many children, not just one.
  2. It was never your fault. Many survivors of sexual abuse believe that the abuse was partly their fault. Perhaps you feel guilty for allowing the abuse to happen or having been aroused. Perhaps the abuser told you that it was your fault. Perhaps you blame yourself and think you could have done more to stop it. But it is never the child’s fault when a child is sexually abused by an adult, and this is especially true when that adult is in a position of trust over the child.
  3. We will give you your voice back. Many survivors of child sex abuse have lived with their secret for years, or decades, unable to speak even to family members about what happened. Your claim against the Boy Scouts may not only give you legal justice, it will give you your voice back. Telling your story may help you overcome the shame and turmoil of years, and give you some peace and closure. And you may find that to be even more important than any money you may receive. This is what makes us so passionate about what we do.


We empower those who suffered abuse to reclaim their lives.

We will give you your voice back.